A shorter route, suitable for larger groups with limited time per person.

Want to get a better glimpse of being a musher?

A longer route for the adventurous to have a full on husky experience.

If there is no suitable program for you on the list, call us and we will arrange a program for your liking

What is included in the tour?

-Entry and participation for the booked ride. 2 adults ja max 2 children/sled.
You can swap the position in half way. (50e extra/adult solo-driver)

-Driving and safety instruction lesson

-Service of the guide

-Hot drink & cookies after drive

-Petting the dogs and puppies.
Talking about everyday life in the middle of wilderness with alaskanhuskies.

What do I need to bring? Warm winter clothes (beanie and gloves) and shoes


  • We are now open in Kemi!
    We are now open in Kemi!

    HHHusky has started operations in sea lapland! Our new place is located @ Holstinharjuntie 240, Kemi. 94830 Contact us for safaris; walk-in customers and larger groups welcomed! +358 41 312 5077 info@hhhusky.fi